Ashtanga Yoga

$10 aud
Thu Feb 28, 6:00 - 7:00 AM (ACDT)
Gemtree Wines, 32 Hamilton Road, McLaren Flat, SA, Australia  

Ashtanga Yoga - a dynamic class during which you’ll work up a sweat, stretch, strengthen and cleanse the body and mind!

This Ashtanga class is for the Gemtree winery team (yes these super stars do yoga twice a week before work!) but they welcome students from outside too.

So if you want to come stretch and sweat with us while enjoying the view over the bio-dynamically grown vines of Gemtree, please join us in McLaren Flat.

This class is suitable for those who are looking for a balanced work out for upper and lower body. Ashtanga yoga is an energising practice and once you are familiar with the fixed sequence, it also becomes a meditative flow of asanas (yoga poses).

Beginners are welcome as I put a lot of emphasis on alignment and poses are held for five breaths. Advanced practitioners who are already familiar with the Primary Series of Ashtanga will enjoy this thorough and rhythmic led class. The sequence is always based on the Primary Series and I have a traditional approach, although I do take the liberty to modify the sequence during the 60 minutes classes in order to give you a balanced practice.

Wear appropriate yoga clothes (not too loose, not too tight and extra layers to keep warm at the beginning of the practice) and let me know if you have your own mat!

Yaisa Nio

Yoga Teacher & Health Coach
Gemtree Wines, 32 Hamilton Road, McLaren Flat, SA, Australia