Yin Yoga & The Five Prana Vayus

$49 aud
Sun Feb 11, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM (ACDT)
Salt Yoga, 41A Beach Road, Christies Beach, SA, Australia  

Learning how to enhance your vital life force through Yin Yoga.

Prana, our vital life force, moves within our body in different directions. These movements are called Vayus and they influence different functions of our being.

We begin the workshop with a short introduction about Prana and Vayus. Then we enjoy a 90-minute Yin Yoga session applying various poses to direct the Prana through all five Vayus.

You learn about the function of each vayu, how an imbalance between the vayus can affect your health and how you can support an optimal functioning of the vayus through yoga poses.

This workshop is suitable for all levels. Beginners are given an insight into the world of yoga in an exceptionally caring and relaxing environment. For more advanced practitioners or teachers, it is an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and Yin practice.

Yin yoga is a beautiful, meditative style of practice that helps you find balance, space and focus.

Afterwards, l will serve herbal tea and a healthy home-made treat. You are welcome to hang around for a chat.

Workshop price: $49 (early bird $40 if paid before Saturday 27 January)

Other details:

  • Yoga mats & props available
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in
  • Wear layers to keep warm
  • Plenty of parking space available just behind Salt Yoga
  • A minimum of four participants is required for the workshop to take place
  • The workshop will be confirmed on Wednesday 7 February at the latest

Yaisa Nio

Salt Yoga, 41A Beach Road, Christies Beach, SA, Australia